Jahreslosung 2013

Jahreslosung 2013
Wir haben hier keine bleibende Stadt, sondern die zukünftige suchen wir. (Hebräer 13, 14)

Information about this blog in english!

 The name of my Blog in english: Christianity today

Because so many of my friends speak only English, I decided to selected contributions to the English language to translate.
I also want to right away apologize  that my english is so bad. But I hope that my contributions will be understood. 
Let us work together to find the will of God. 

About me:

In October 2008, I have realized that God is real and Jesus Christ is alive! Actually, God has recognized me and made ​​sure, that I finally find him and consciously experience. I asked God in prayer, that he may give me understanding of his word, which meant that since this time no day goes by without reading the Bibel. Since this time I try to God's Word, to live the Bible. I believe that Jesus Christ is the driving force in my life and the Holy Spirit prompts me every day to learn from the Bible and to know the will of God.

The motto of my blog: 

 A blog for people who are worry about being a Christian in our time. In this blog I write about thoughts that I'm during in my quiet time if I study the Bible. Criticism, praise and Comentars I would be happy. Let us discuss it. 

My slogan for the year2013:

For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.
Heb 13,14

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